50M/50K/26.2 Support Drive Instructions

  • Be on high watch for runners crossing the roads as they do bolt from the trails!
  • Roads are displayed on the runner’s course map, but the runner may want to hold onto that.
  • Pick up the Brown County State park map at entrance gate for more detailed road map.
  • The wooden bridge at Northgate entrance has height and weight limits (if you're over height, use the West Gate).
  • The campground portion of Brown County Park is not open to race vehicle traffic. Volunteers will take care of the runners passing through this area. Ultra/Marathon Aid stations are located within this area but not accessible to Ultra support.
  • Printable Drive Instructions; Click Here.


The locations that have sufficient parking for runner support are:

  • Hesitation Point
  • Park HQ (Hoosier's Nest and Fire Tower)
  • Nature Center (Heaven)


Mike’s Music & Dance Barn – 2277 State Rd. 46 West, Nashville, IN 47448
4 miles West of Nashville, IN on Ind-46

Start/Finish to Hesitation Point

  • Mike’s Dance Barn to Hesitation – Ultra Miles 11, 30. Marathon Mile 7
  • Exit Right (N) on Ind-46, 1.6 miles to Brown County State Park (BCSP) West Entrance.
  • Right (E) into West Gate, show permit. 2.85 miles to Hesitation Overlook parking.

NOTE: There are 2 aid stations at Park HQ (Hoosier's Nest and Fire Tower)

  • Hoosier's Nest is on the west side of the road. 50M & 50K come here once, early in the race; they'll be at mile 9 of their run. Marathon does not come here.
  • Fire Tower is on the east side of the road. 50K & 50M first time at mile 21; 50M second time at mile 40; Marathon at Mile 17

Hesitation Point to Hoosier’s Nest/Fire Tower (aka Park HQ)

  • Exit Left (E) on park road, 0.4 miles to “T” intersection.
  • Right (S) at “T” on N-S park road, 0.40 miles to Park HQ/Hoosier’s Nest

Hoosier's Nest/Fire Tower to Heaven (aka Nature Center)

  • Hoosier’s Nest W to Heaven – Ultra Miles 24.4, 43.7, Marathon Mile 20.1
  • Exit South (depends on what side park on) on N-S park road, 1.55 miles to Nature Center parking.

Heaven to Start/Finish

  • Hoosier’s Nest to Mike’s Dance Barn – Ultra/Marathon Finish
  • Exit (N) on N-S park road, 1.95 miles to (E-W) West Entrance road.
  • Left (W) on E-W park road, 3.25 miles to West Entrance.
  • Left (S) on Ind-46, 1.6 miles to Mike’s Dance Barn.