• April 17: OK; We're done. Enjoy! (We're never done...)
  • Note: We've moved the detailed leg maps out of the Course Description documents into separate "Detail Maps/Turn-by-turn" documents
  • Note: We won't have a final 10K course until race day; just follow the markings and READ the SIGNS.
  • YOU MUST READ THE SIGNS!!! Please...

   --Trail Dog & Swamp Dog

 50M/50K/Marathon  Half Marathon & 10K
Team Relay

50M/50K/Marathon/Half Marathon Elevations


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Aid Stations / Handlers

See Leg Descriptions pages for locations/distances/types of Aid Stations.

  • Fluids will be provided at the end of each leg.
  • Aid stations will be stocked with water, gatorade, assorted gu packets, PB & J, boiled potatos, salt, chips, coke, peanuts, oreos, bananas, oranges, candy....BUT if there is something you want that you simply cannot take another step without, you should make sure you bring it yourself! just in case an aid station has, well, run out! We do our best to overstock, but every year, there seems to be a different popular item, and there's just no accounting what it will be this year!
  • Some stations may have special uses, greater supplies, bag drops and mandatory check-in. Please see the "Course Details" page for details.
  • First Aid is available at all aid stations.
  • Restroom facilities are varied.
  • Some exchanges will have a phone, warm blankets and friendly people; others may be miserable and lonely. Thank the volunteers; they’ve been standing there since dawn or earlier…

Handler Sites

Official Handler Sites are noted on the "Support Drive Instructions" page. All other aid stations and course points either are not vehicle accessible, have limited parking or impossible run time versus drive time.