• April 17: OK; We're done. Enjoy! (We're never done...)
  • Note: We've moved the detailed leg maps out of the Course Description documents into separate "Detail Maps/Turn-by-turn" documents
  • Note: We won't have a final 10K course until race day; just follow the markings and READ the SIGNS.
  • YOU MUST READ THE SIGNS!!! Please...

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10K Course Description


Leg Details  

  • On the maps, you'll see a bunch of skinny blue lines; these are cross-trails, also known as: places to get off-course. PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO THE COURSE MARKINGS AND SIGNAGE, you'll enjoy the run more if you follow the course...
  • The course is segmented into "legs." Each leg starts and ends at an Aid Station.

10K is marked with WHITE flags & ribbons throughout.

I’ve Been Slimed – 3.8 miles
Mike's Dance Barn to The Plunge
“Can’t stop the slime, people, lookit me go” Frank Zappa.
FOLLOW WHITE; We're still in the visualization phase
Mostly harmless (not); you'll be needing the creek walk that's in part 2 when you're done with The Slime. We Just don't know exactly how we're doing it this year... It will be marked; follow the markings!!!
Dog Drool: “Momma said there would be days like this, the bitch.”
Crack of Doom – 2.4 (~) miles
The Plunge to Mike’s Dance Barn
“At the crack of doom, Evil vision fills my mind, chills you to the bone. Take the life force from your soul, Satan claims his throne.” Warbringer
FOLLOW WHITE; We're still in the visualization phase
Sure & they had to tear out the ski lifts, you could have used them.
Goat Note: Congratulations, you are one tough customer. You derserve a Big Woods brew or 2!