10K Course Description


Leg Details  

  • On the maps, you'll see a bunch of skinny blue lines; these are cross-trails, also known as: places to get off-course. PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO THE COURSE MARKINGS AND SIGNAGE, you'll enjoy the run more if you follow the course...
  • Leg Maps (below) include a description of what you'll be running on as you navigate between Aid Stations
  • The course is segmented into "legs." Each leg starts and ends at an Aid Station.

10K is marked with WHITE flags & ribbons throughout.

I’ve Been Slimed – 3.6 miles
Mike's Dance Barn to The Plunge View Print
“Can’t stop the slime, people, lookit me go” Frank Zappa.
Down the road to Shipley’s Cut Thru. Watch out for dogs. Please, no beef jerky in your shorts. Super, soupy slime climb up the Ten O’clock Line (horse trail G) to where we fall off the edge of the world at 1.2 miles. Climb back out of the trench & join some nice trail back to the top of the ski hills. Wander down to the basement and hit the aid at the bottom of The Plunge. Catch yer breath if you can as yer goin’ up there!
Dog Drool: “Momma said there would be days like this, the bitch.”
Crack of Doom – 2.6 miles
The Plunge to Mike’s Dance Barn View Print
“At the crack of doom, Evil vision fills my mind, chills you to the bone. Take the life force from your soul, Satan claims his throne.” Warbringer
Up the PLUNGE! (Heart Monitor testing site.) (It'd be easier to ski down but scary either way!)
Across the top of the ski hill to Where’s the F’n trail? Scratchy here, careful! Now, for a special treat, up up the Crack of Doom!!! It makes runners and trail markers howl and cry. Follow the G string to the Top o’ the Crack. Hang a right & join a trail for a bit but watch close for the turn to the right off the trail. Through the woods, pop out on the top of ski hill and yikes. Down, down, down until time to clean up, river, along the river, in the river a bit, and boom to GLORY, BBQ hog, beer and country music!
Goat Note: Congratulations, you are one tough customer. You derserve a Big Woods brew or 2!