Not quite ready ready to run, but want to be part of the fun... without getting quite as much mud in your shorts? Then come on down & give us a hand!

Event Volunteers Receive:

    • Cool Volunteer Swag (Some form of shirt, hat, or gloves!)
    • $30 Coupon toward any RF Events' race entry
    • Invitation to our Annual Dash and Burn Soiree (for volunteers who join us at two or more events!)
    • A Great Big Thank You!

    Dash and Burn Soiree
    Includes:A fun run at a secret location followed by a dinner party and raffle! You must be invited to the Soiree, and the only way to get an invitation is by volunteering at a RF Events' event. Volunteers will receive an invitation, and are asked to RSVP.

    • When: Summer 2019
    • Where: It's a secret! (more details to come)
    • Cost: FREE to all multi-event volunteers - you can't buy your way into this one!
    • Course: A FUN RUN with new twists and turns every year!