What is Dances with Dirt

Yo Runners,

What is DWD, besides one a those ak-row-nims for Dances With Dirt?

You must be livin' in a cave if ya ain't heard of the DWD Relay and Ultramarathons! I'll tell ya what it ain't, it ain't no place for wimps and it ain't a place for pansies, "don't get my shoes dirty" runners afraid of a few roots and cliffs.

Dances With Dirt 5 Person Team Relay (Gnaw Bone and Hell; not held in Devil's Lake)

5 Person Team Relay, each member running 3 of 15 legs. Each leg averages 4 miles so,over the course of a day, each runner covers around 12 miles. Teams drive a vehicle to the next exchange and the fire drill continues ...

An extreme course, team themes, vehicle decorations, costumes and endless planning are the back drop for an adventure that adds up to much more than its parts.

Each leg has, or will become, legendary. Legs from the Hell event with names like "This Sucks", "Where's the F'n Bridge" and "The Stupid Leg...Lake" have become part of a running legend. Each leg is described and rated in difficulty so the team can meet beforehand and choose who to abuse ... we mean, who to run what. Basically, a difficult, wicked on and off trail run with stupid spots. Stupid spots include swamp crossings, river crossings, hills too steep to climb and can only be a butt slide down. Did we mention poison ivy, thorns, poor marking, bad (no) footing, a waiver that mentions your death 3 times and that we charge you for this?

The legs start and finish at exchange areas where the team is waiting to tag off and send the next runner on their way. One vehicle per team, a vehicle that will be trashed and smell bad at days end, ideally 4 wheel drive but we'll be there to push you out if the parking is muddy!

DWD Ultra (All locations)

50 Miles or 50K of rugged great single track running. Love it or hate it, it's a serious achievement. Starts in the dark ... so you can finish in the light! Fully aided about every 3 -6 miles.

Medical support, communications, sponsors and the endless hours put in by the 100 volunteers of the faithful, hard workin', hard livin', hard runnin' Dirt Crew make it possible.

DWD 10K & Half (Gnaw Bone and Devil's Lake; not Hell)

DWD Full Marathon (Gnaw Bone and Devil's Lake;)

Similar terrain as the ultras but, for those not ready to go the long distance, we have just the event for you!  Ever wanted to try a 10K that felt like 10 miles? 

The Head Goat, Trail Dog, Swamp Dog and your Dirt Crew invite you … dare you, to join the adventure!