50M/50K/26.2 Special Instructions

Course Marking

The 50M/50K/26.2 course is marked in PINK. Think PINK!

Pay no attention to the other colors.

Pay no attention to the other runners as they may be running a different event.

Mandatory Aid Station Checkin

  • Please inform the Station volunteers that you have arrived; shout out your bib number to wake them up.
  • It is vital that we record your race number at the Playground (last) station.
  • Thank the volunteers even if they seem clueless and intoxicated.


  • You may switch events before the start.
  • MANDATORY SWITCH: If you're at 27.3 miles (Second time to the Playground Aid, 23-ish miles to go) and it’s after 1:30 PM, you must switch to 50K; head back to the finish and finish up.
  • 50M OPTIONAL SWITCH: You may choose to drop to 50K if you're unsure of your long-term survival should you continue the 50M course. 


 The on-target 13-hour finish time is strictly enforced.


 We really, really, really don’t want you out after dark, it’s cold and scary in the woods, so you may be asked to take a shortcut or maybe even a ride back to the finish at these points:

Aid Station Mileage Cutoff Time Notes
Playground 27 1:30 PM Mandatory 50M to 50K Switch.
Hesitation Point
31 2:35  
North Tower 39 4:20  
Fire Tower
42 5:20  
Playground 47 6:30  

Drop Bags

  • Identify your bag(s) with your NAME and BIB NUMBER (minimally).
  • Please: no black garbage bags. (We use black bags for trash...)
  • Bags will be at:
    • Hesitation Point
      • Marathon Mile 8.3
      • 50K/50M Mile 12.5
      • 50M mile 31.8
    • Fire Tower
      • Marathon Mile 18.6
      • 50K/50M Mile 22.8
      • 50M Mile 42.2

The course is marked PINK throughout.Think PINK!

  • The 50K/50M Ultra Start will be after the big bright yellow thing makes its appearance!(Well, almost! We'll be well into "Civil Twilight", it'll be light enough to run!)
    There will be no early start.
  • Cut-off: 7:15 PM. That's right, you've got 13 hours to finish the 50K!
  • 50 Mile & 50K travel the same course for 27.4 miles. At this Decision Point, 50M runners continue inside Brown County Park while 50K participants leave the park toward the finish line. See Decision Point below.
  • The second loop inside the park of the 50Mile is not the same as the first loop.
  • The Ultra course is coincident with the Marathon course except between 7 and 12 miles. However, the Marathon starts at 7:00 a.m. You may pass a marathon runner.

Marking:  Ultra Motto - THINK PINK (no matter how much you stink)!

  • The course is marked with pink colored ribbon, pink stick flags, signs and illumination items.
  • The early miles in the dark are marked with various illumination and reflective material. If you think the squirrels have tiny little flashlights, those are the reflectors.
  • Ribbon & stick flags of other colors are for other DWD events. They intersect, coexist and depart the Ultra.
  • The Ultra and Marathon courses are both marked in Pink so be careful at these 2 places:
    • At 7 miles in the Ogle Lake parking area, the Ultras first loop diverges from the Marathon course. The ULTRAS GO RIGHT-East! Toward the lake on Trail 7, north. The Marathon turns left-West toward the bathrooms. Both are pink. Signs will be prominent.
    • At 12.5 miles, approaching the Hesitation Aid Station, the Ultras and Marathon converge going north and across the paved road to the aid station. Thereafter, the 50k and marathon are together. Signs will be prominent.
    • Pay attention to the signage at these double pink points. We hope to have someone or aliens there to direct but you are ultimately responsible. In each case, the Ultra stays Right.