Relay Special Instructions

Gnaw on This!

Relay legs are marked in Yellow, Blue,  White, Red, Green, Pink.

The course is primarily spectacular trails with a bit of road, some memorable moments & stupid spots.

The Relay course is designed as a separate race from the other events.
But! At times the other races will merge, coexist and diverge from the Relay course.

Team Membership

  • Team members can change up until the start but not after the start!
  • Team members must be human even if your dog follows trails better.
  • You can run with less than 5 people on a team but not more.
  • All team members must sign a waiver & turn it in prior to the race start.
  • Visit to update your team information.

Finish Cut Off Time

  • 6:30 PM, which is easily done using concurrent running (legal cheat) at the specified allowable times.
  • See Cheat Sheet.
  • It’s important to finish before we devour the entire barbecue!

Vehicle Signs

Official DWD vehicle signs must be visible in rear window of all vehicles on the course and to park!


Each team receives maps with marked running course, auto-route and exchange points.

The course is a series of sections or “Legs” between Exchange Points.

  • Legs are from 2.3 miles to 6.2 miles in length if you do not get lost. They may change slightly if windy!
  • Each team member is to run 3 legs. Decide how to best utilize or torture each runner. Back to back legs will probably equate to a slower over all time and a high chance of injury. Come up with a plan to start with and be ready to change once the whining starts.
  • Each section or leg is marked in a specific color to avoid conflicts with nearby legs.
  • Each team runner is required to run a minimum of 3 legs unless injury occurs. Only one runner per team runs a leg unless injury occurs. See injury substitution rule on the Injury page.
  • All legs must be run in the order presented and to completion, (no improvised shortcuts).
  • Each leg begins from one exchange point and ends at the next exchange point. While one teammate runs, the remainder of the team moves or drives to the next exchange in a timely fashion. Sometimes the leg is a loop and the team does not drive. There is plenty of time to drive to each successive exchange point.

Relay Team Awards - Relay Ceremonies will be held by 6:00 PM.

  • Yes, that’s just 10.5 hours after the start, some teams will be out on the course but likely not in the running unless they have a high handicap = old & sexy. If this happens we will have a ceremony just for them.
  • All winning teams get cool stuff. Other surprise awards during the race for cool teams and outrageous behavior. Easier to win than running fast!
    • Top 20% handicapped adjusted teams
    • Top 3 teams over the line
    • Top female team over the line
    • Creative Team Vehicle & Theme Awards

Team Handicap Adjusted Time Award

  • To qualify for a Handicap award, you must finish and turn in your Cheat Card by 5:30.
  • I repeat: you must finish and turn in your Cheat Card by 5:30 to be included in the awards.
  • How the handicap is calculated:
    • Masters runners receive a 1.0% handicap for each year over 40 and 1.5% handicap for each year over 50.
    • Women receive an additional 12.5 % handicap.
    • The sum of the age and sex handicap (sounds bad) produces the individual handicap.
    • The average of the team member's individual handicaps is the Team Handicap.
    • Your actual finish time will be reduced by this percentage to determine Team Handicap Adjusted Time.
    • Example: Team Rose and 4 Pricks consists of one 44 year old woman and four 38 year old men. Woman's handicap is +12.5% + 4% = 16.5%. Each of the 4 men have 0%. Sum is 16.5%+0%+0%+0%+0%, = 16.5%. Average is 16.5% total / 5 members = 3.3% team handicap adjusted time.  Confused? You should be!


  • Exchange is usually made by making physical contact with the next runner in the exchange zone.
  • To avoid traffic and dangerous situations, some exchanges may be Air Touch – high five sign across the road.
  • Allow adequate space to execute the exchange. No pushing, crowding, peeing in the pool. Huh, wrong list.
  • As you enter the exchange zone alert your teammates by screaming and yelling.
  • Check-in with volunteers at the exchange points is not required.

Exchange Parking

  • Parking: patience and humor is in order
  • Park in the designated areas only. Volunteers will move you in and out efficiently.
  • Each exchange has specific traffic flow patterns including one way entrances and exits.
  • Parking is not always near the human exchange so be prepared to get moving.
  • Don’t run over anyone on your team or competitors at the exchanges or road crossings.
  • Stay out of the road, (trail runners forget that they are standing in the middle of a road.)

What to do if...

  • If you arrive running and your teammates are AWOL, inform the exchange volunteer of the team name and number. Chill out as we search starting with the local bar. We usually will find your directionally challenged teammates.
  • If your runner does not arrive, inform volunteers of the runners name and number. We will facilitate locating the lost souls.
  • Also, inform volunteers that a lost soul has been found.

Some exchange points are aid stations for the Ultra, Marathon, ½ M and 10k runners.

The food and drinks are for the solo runners. H2O & First Aid is for all; grab a drink and bandage your trail boo-boos. Leg 6 is 6.2 miles; be sure to get some aid at the Playground, 4.8 miles.

Restrooms are available at some exchange points and at other points in the park.

Thank the volunteers and our park hosts. Be helpful in allowing other park users passage.