5K Course Description

Your course is marked in WHITE Flags and Ribbons. Please follow the course markings - not the maps - as circumstances sometimes require changing the course. Please note: it'll feel a lot longer...

The Plunge - 3.1 miles - WHITE
Mike’s Barn Loop +500/-500

Stampede down the road and prairie run before the first ascension to get the heart pumping. The plunge has something for everyone, minimalist trail, ridge running, scenic vistas, skid turns, and moderate descents. Perhaps your preference is for uphill climbing and shin shaking plunges. Well, you will not be disappointed. Or if you define plunge as an entrance method into a cold water. Yes, that too is provided.

"Hell, I’m tired just trying to describing it.”

“Do what you love, know your own bone, gnaw at it. Bury it, unearth it, and gnaw it still.” Henry David Thoreau.