Relay Drive Route

Caution: The running course and drive route cross several times

  • The routes are fairly direct and provide sufficient time to travel to the next exchange point.
  • You will notice that the route may not always be the most direct.  Safety, traffic flow and other park user’s concerns are preeminent in the routing. Although we attempted to limit the runner and driver intersections they do exist.
  • The drive route is also designed to facilitate responsive medical emergencies and race management.
  • We do understand that sometimes you may miss a turn because the stench in the vehicle gets intolerable and you have your head out the window and not on the map. Take a test drive on Friday if you can.

Safety is the key to a great Dirt experience. Drive route is on paved & gravel roads and is the shortest route with the least conflicts with incoming vehicles and runners. Be especially careful on the narrow gravel road! Use odometer – trip odometer. Stay in designated entrances, flow lanes and exits. Be attentive to parking instructions from the volunteers. Drive after your runner starts the leg. Watch for runners crossing the roads as they do bolt from the trails!

The campground portion of Brown County Park is not open to race vehicle traffic. Volunteers will take care of the runners passing through this area. No Relay exchanges are inside this area. Ultra Aid stations are located within this area but not accessible to Ultra support.

Printable Drive Instructions; click here

Leg 1:  Stay at the Dance barn

Leg 2:  Stay at the Dance barn

Leg 3: Mike's to Crooked Creek Lake

  • Exit Left(W) on Ind-46, 1.0 miles to Crooked Creek Road on left
  • Left(S) on Crooked Creek Road, 2.6 miles to Crooked Creek Lake on left
    CAUTION: Crooked Creek Road is a narrow gravel road, be alert for on-coming traffic.

Leg 4: Stay at Crooked Creek

Leg 5: Stay at Crooked Creek

Leg 6:  Crooked Creek to Ogle Lake

  • Exit Right (N) on Crooked Creek Road, 2.6 miles to Ind-46
  • Right (E) on Ind-46, 2.6 miles to Brown County State Park (BCSP) West Entrance.
  • Right (E) into West Gate, show permit. E-W park road 2.95 miles to Ogle Lake Access road/sign.
  • Right (S) Ogle Lake road, 1.30 miles to Ogle Lake parking. Exchange 6-7 in SW corner by dam.

Leg 7:  Stay at Ogle Lake

Leg 8:  Stay at Ogle Lake

Leg 9:  Ogle Lake to Hoosier’s Nest, Fire Tower (Park HQ)


  • Exit (N) Ogle Lake road, 1.30 miles to West entrance road
  • Right (E) E-W park road (West entrance road), 0.30 to “T”
  • Right (S) N-S park road, 0.40 to Hoosier’s Nest/Park HQ

Leg 10:  Stay at Hoosier’s Nest, Fire Tower (Park HQ)

Leg 11:  Stay at Hoosier’s Nest, Fire Tower (Park HQ)

Leg 12:  Fire Tower to Heaven/Nature Center

  • Exit South (depends on side road parked) N-S park road, 1.55 miles to Heaven/Nature Center

Leg 13:  Stay put at Heaven/Nature Center

Leg 14:  Heaven/Nature Center to Beer Near

  • Exit (N) N-S park road,1.95 miles to West Entrance road
  • Left (W) E-W park road, 2.95 miles to West Entrance, Ind-46
  • Left (S) Ind-46, 1.6 miles to Mike’s Dance Barn. Walk to the exchange in the field across the road

Leg 15: Retreat to the Barn