13.1/10K Special Instructions

Have a look at the Trail Marking Tutorial if you're new to trail running or to our events.


It's hard to describe... Remember: Swamp Dog has a really perverted sense of humor. Make sure you're awake enough to follow the course markings! Here are a few points of interest; have a look at the detail maps on the 10K Course Description page. This is pretty detailed, just follow the markings...

  • 1.4, fall off the Slime Hill to the right, follow no trail to the bottom. (Distance to turn varies depending on how Swamp Dog is feeling.)
  • 2.6, leave the horse trail to the right, follow low use trail.
  • 3.4, head down to the aid station. If you're at more than 3.6 or so and you haven't been to the aid station, I admire your creativity, but you'd better backtrack and find out where you lost the course.
  • 3.6, aid at the bottom of The Plunge! Have a sip of water and head up The Plunge!
  • 4.1, after crossing the top of the ski hills and wandering down another scratchy damn hill, follow the creek to the left.
  • 4.4, head up the Crack of Doom!
  • 4.6, hit the friendly horse trail again, turn right.
  • 5.1, leave the horse trail to the right, wander through the woods, eventually come out at the top of an intermediate ski hill, go down.
  • 5.8, get in the river and clean up before you get your picture taken at the finish.

Half Marathon: FOLLOW BLUE!

The Half Marathon course is out & back to a clockwise loop. Pay attention to the signage. The loop starts at the Playground Aid Station, 3.8 miles. You turn left and later return from the right.

I repeat: Half Marathon: FOLLOW BLUE! Pay attention to signage; you'll enjoy the race more of you don't get lost and end up running 50K.

Points of Interest (places where you need to focus):

  • 1.9, top  of slime hill, Left onto wide trail.
  • 3.8, at playground aid station - Left onto camp road
  • 8.0, return to playground aid station - Left onto wide trail
  • 9.9 continue straight past top of slime hill. (Runners can't seem to see the Wrong Way Moron signs here. Ignoring the signs results in a DQ!)
  • 10.4 Nosebleed aid station