• April 17: OK; We're done. Enjoy! (We're never done...)
  • Note: We've moved the detailed leg maps out of the Course Description documents into separate "Detail Maps/Turn-by-turn" documents
  • Note: We won't have a final 10K course until race day; just follow the markings and READ the SIGNS.
  • YOU MUST READ THE SIGNS!!! Please...

   --Trail Dog & Swamp Dog

 50M/50K/Marathon  Half Marathon & 10K
Team Relay

50M/50K/Marathon/Half Marathon Elevations


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13.1/10K Special Instructions

Have a look at the Trail Marking Tutorial if you're new to trail running or to our events.


It's hard to describe... Remember: Swamp Dog has a really perverted sense of humor. Make sure you're awake enough to follow the course markings! This is will be pretty detailed, just follow the markings...

  • Still in development; don't worry, it'll be nasty.

Half Marathon: FOLLOW BLUE!

Half Marathon course is 3.8 miles out to Brown County State Park, a 5.3 clockwise loop mix of trail and pavement, and 4.0 back to Mike’s Dance Barn. Pay attention to the signage. The loop starts at the Playground Aid Station, 3.8 miles. Left turn for a clockwise loop. Later return from the right back into Playground.

FOLLOW BLUE! Ignore all other colors. Pay attention to signage; you'll enjoy the race more of you don't get lost and end up running the 50K.

Points of Interest (places where you need to focus):

  • 1.9, Top of Slime hill, Left onto wide trail.
  • 3.8, Playground aid station - Left onto camp road
  • Around 6.5, Hard right onto Buffalo ridge trail away from Pink and Green ribbons.
  • 7.3, Buffalo Camp Ground aid station. (May be self serve)
  • 9.1, return to Playground aid station - Left onto wide trail
  • 10.9 Hard right back down the Slime Hill.
  • Take a dip on the way to finish at Mike’s Dance Barn