13.1 Course Description


Leg Details   

  • On the maps, you'll see a bunch of skinny blue lines; these are cross-trails, also known as: places to get off-course/LOST. PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO THE COURSE MARKINGS AND SIGNAGE, you'll enjoy the run more if you follow the course...
  • Leg Maps (below) include a description of what you'll be running on as you navigate between Aid Stations
  • The course is segmented into "legs." Each leg starts and ends at an Aid Station.


Half Marathon is marked BLUE throughout.

Half-01: I’ve Been Slimed! – 3.8 miles
Mike’s Dance Barn to Playground View Print
“Can’t stop the slime, people, lookit me go” - Frank Zappa.
South down dirt road to Shipley’s Cut-Thru. Watch out for dogs. Please, no beef jerky in your shorts. Super soupy slime climb, 1.9 miles. Left-E on Ten O’clock Line (horse trail G). Fairly flat and fast 2-track to the aid station at the campground.
Dog Drool: “Yuck until top o’ the hill then fast, smooth sailing into the Playground.”
Goat Note: “Be very aware as it is no fun getting lost early. Wait until later.”

Half-02: Nashville Skyline – 4.2 miles
Playground to Playground, clockwise. View Print
“Cause I have been through the mire and confusion, I am free. As far as I can see is Nashville skyline. Underneath it all, you yourself are free” - Dishwalla
Leg 2 departure left/west from Playground on the campground road for about ½ mile. Just after the bathroom enter Trail 9, a superlative trail experience that will set your soul free and test your legs. Watch for two hard lefts along the way. Great trail running with scenic vistas of Nashville, IN. Around 3.65 (7.45 total) the course departs Trail 9 to the right-S over to a 2-track. The Ultra pink ribbon travels E, which is not for you! A short sneak across back to the campground, a quick right on the road and boom, back to the Playground Aid station.
Dog drool: “Freedom sometimes comes with a cost.”

Half-03: Recovery – 2.3 miles
Playground to Nose Bleed View Print
“I'm about to lose my mind, you’ve been gone for so long. I’m running out of time. I need a doctor. Call me a doctor. I need a doctor, doctor to bring me back to life,” -Eminem.
Good recovery section on fairly flat two-track. Passes Leg 1 intersection, Slime top while continuing West/Straight on horse trail to the nose bleed aid station.
Dog Drool: “Take advantage of the recovery, you will need the energy soon!”

Half-04: Quaff On – 2.8 miles
Nosebleed to Mike’s Dance Barn View Print
“Now there's nothing left to say. So let's go drink a beer.” - Psychostick.
Watch out for snakes. Easy horse trail and single track to bankrupt Ski area, damn global warming. Ski down the slope and on the river. Boom to GLORY, BBQ hog, country music and beer.
Goat Note: Congratulations, you are one tough customer. You’ve earned a Big Woods brew or 2!